Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mike Tagliaferri at U19 World Championships

Mike Tagliaferri

NorCal's Mike Tagliaferri has had some nice moments at the U19 World Championships in Finland. Here's his roster page for the team, which includes some background info and a brief video:

Mike had no statistical events in Team USA's opening loss to Canada in overtime. In their next game, the USA defeated England 20-1. Mike scored two goals and had an assist in that game. Against Australia, the USA prevailed, 24-6, but Mike didn't see much action. Interestingly, attendance at the USA v Australia was 548 spectators. NorCal got more fans than that at SRVs regular season home games against SI and DLS.

As I am writing this, team USA is playing the Iroquois National team. I'll update this entry if Mike has goals or assists.

Way to go, Mike!

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