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Fog City at Champ Camp - Beats NoVa Bombers, 15-2

From Ed McGovern:

Fog City Thumps Bombers from No. Virginia 15-2.  Good all around game by FC.

Boys played at Roland Park Country School on a small turf field in suburban Baltimore.  Idyllic setting below St. Mary's Seminary and near GillmanSchool.

Cyrus Scott starts in goal.

Jack McGovern, Cole Steigerwald and Riley Burke start at long poll.  Joe Lang, Marcus Holzberg and Dave Fleming at attack.

Charlie Ford at LSM, Cullen Vincelette at fogo and Matt Emery at middie.

No. Virginia (Blue) gets the first face off, but the small field works to our advantage right away.  Riley Burke pressures his mark behind the net and forces a turnover.  Burke grabs the loose ground ball and clears to Jack McGovern who finds Matt Emery in the middle of the field.  Emery dodges two defenders and buries the low left corner shot to make it 1-0 and FC is on the way.

Ryan Pidgeon at LSM grabs the loose ball on the face off but FC can't clear.  Again, FC plays tight D on small field and ball goes right back to FC.  Spencer Evans clears all the way down field but his low burner shot is stopped by the goalie.  Joe Lang forces the goalie to turn the ball over on their end of the field.  Lang grabs the loose ball behind the goal, dodges past his defender and finds the back of the net with his shot over the goalie's shoulder.  2-0 FC.

Next face off, Chad Bell grabs a hotly contested ground ball and clears.  Bell gets off a shot from the right side that goes just wide.  Moore Harris gets the ball on the right also but his shot is kicked wide and ball goes back to Blue.

Brendan McDermott at middie forces a turnover on transition and clears.  McDermott hits Joe Lang with a no-look pass on the left wing and Lang is deadly from there.  Now 3-0 FC.

Cullen Vincelette wins the face off and clears to our offensive end.  Boys word the ball around the box to Brendan Hahn behind the goal.  Hahn finds Joe Lang as he cuts to goal and again he buries the bounce shot to push the lead to 4-0.

Next face off, ball rolls back to defensive end.  Riley Burke grabs the ground ball and clears.  But Blue take possession.  Charlie Ford is able to force a turnover and clear, but again Blue take back possession.  Blue player gets loose in front of the net, but Ryan Pidgeon makes a nice back check on his stick and Cyrus Scott grabs the loose ball.   FC clears.

Matt Emery brings the ball down the right wing and finds Brendan Hahn behind the goal.  Hahn dodges his defender and curls in front of the goal burying the shot and making the score 5-0 FC.

On the face off, ball rolls to our offensive side where Dave Fleming picks up the contested ground ball.  Spencer Evans takes the ball from the top of the box, dodges past two defenders and gets loose in front for a point blank shot.  Evans scores and now it's 6-0 FC.

On the face off, Chad Bell causes a turnover as Blue had taken possession and finds Dave Fleming on the wing.  Fleming hits Joe Lang driving in from the left wing, but the ball pops up in the air and Chad Bell grabs it and buries the shot.  7-0 FC.  The generous scorekeepers give Lang the assist.

Next Blue possession, August Peters forces a turnover and controls the ground ball.  He finds Brendan McDermott at midfield who clears to our offensive end.  McDermott's shot goes a bit wide and Blue takes back possession.

Danny Casey on defense causes a turnover and passes to Brendan McDermott open on the right wing.  But McDermott's shot is kicked save wide by the goalie, FC maintains possession.  Boys pass around and low pass to Brendan Hahn appears to be heading to a turnover, but using his soccer skills, Hahn kicks the ball to prevent it from going out of bounds and saves the possession.  He finds Ryan Kase loose for a shot, but Kase's bounce shot goes just a little too high over the cross bar, possession back to Blue.

Lorenzo "Wolverine" Iacomini on long poll makes a nice stick check and stops a close shot but Blue keeps possession.  Charlie Ford forces a turnover and clears to Chad Bell.  Bell makes a nice dodge move from the top of the box, splits two other defenders and finds the net to make it 8-0 FC.

Next Blue possession, Cyrus Scott makes a nice save on a good shot by Blue, but FC can't clear.  And we commit a penalty and have to play man down.

August, Peters, Lorenzo "Wolverine" Iacomini, Charlie Ford, Cole Steigerwald all at LPs and Cullen Vincelette at short stick are in for man down D.  Great team D and Blue can't get off a shot.  Wolverine Iacomini makes a stick check and forces a loose ball that gets kicked to midfield.  Chad Bell picks up the loose ball and hits Joe Lang on the wing, but Lang is just wide with his shot and Blue gets the ball back still with time on their man up.

This time Charlie Ford intercepts a pass across the box and clears, but again we can't keep possession.

Blue back on offense, but August "Beast" Peters and Wolverine Iacomini both play some great individual one on one D and FC won't even let Blue get close for a shot.  Half ends.

2nd Half

Billy Sullivan starts in goal.August Peters, Cole Steigerwald and Jack McGovern at long poll.  Dave Fleming, Marcus Holzberg and Joe Lang at attack.

Brendan McDermott at face off pulls the ball back behind him and Chad Bell is there to grab the ground ball.

Matt Emery gets loose for a "birthday" shot but it's just wide.  On the transition, Marcus Holzberg plays tough D but FC is called for a penalty and play man down.  Blue gets off a shot this time but Billy Sullivan makes a nice stop on a low bouncer but FC can't clear.  This time Blue gets loose for a shot and the bounce shot takes a funny hop past Billy Sullivan for Blue's first goal.  8-1.

Cullen Vincelette pulls the face off back to Spencer Evans who clears.  But FC can't get the offense going yet and possession goes back to Blue.  Ball gets loose in front of the FC goal and comes out to a Blue player who is all alone against Billy Sullivan to score and make it 8-2.  Their parents think they are coming back - not happening.

Blue does get the next possession, but Jack McGovern forces a turnover and clears it in a crowd to Cullen Vincelette.  Blue takes back possession but August Peters uses the small field to his advantage and forces his mark out of bounds.  FC with possession.

Jack McGovern clears the ball past midfield and as he does, the Blue attackman slashes his family jewels right in front of his mother!  Jack does the "hit in the you know where dance" but is able to pass the ball and refs call Blue for a slash.

Man up offense has McGoos back and work the ball around to Joe Lang who hits Marcus Holzberg with a pinpoint pass in front of the net and Holzbergburies the shot with a quick stick.  9-2 FC.

FC takes possession on the face off and Spencer Evans makes a great couple of moves, dodging and splitting three defenders to get in front of the net but unselfishly finds Joe Lang on the wing who bounces in another goal and the lead is now 10-2.

Blue wins the face off.  But good team D on FC, with Lorenzo Iacomini and Jack McGovern sliding to help each other.  McGovern forces a turnover and Moore Harris clears.

Moore Harris drives towards the goal and draws three defenders to him who are slashing and hacking away at this stick.  But Harris keeps possession and finds Joe Lang on the left wing.  Lang dodges three defenders himself and scores his 5th goal to push the lead to 11-2.

Blue gets the face off but Marcus Holzberg plays tough transition D again and ball goes back to FC.  Chad Bell gets off a nice low shot but it bounces off the post.  Blue is called for a penalty and FC goes man up again.  Boys works the ball around until Joe Lang finds Dave Fleming in front of the goal and the quick pass and shot is a thing of beauty.  Fleming scores and it is now 12-2.

On the face off, ball is kicked around the field.  Wolverine Iacomini gets decked by the Blue player and that seems to fire up the boys even more.  Riley Burke grabs the loose ball and passes to Brendan McDermott.  McDermott drives to the left, dodges past 3 defenders and fires his shot past the goalies helmet to push the lead to 13-2.

Next possession and intensity has definitely increased with some chippy play.  Joe Lang gets the ball on the left wing and again dodges past his defender to score and make it 14-2.  Blue is called for a penalty away from the ball as they are getting very frustrated.  

Riley Burke gets the loose ball on the face off.  Brendan Hahn finds Dave Fleming who dodges and shoots the final goal and make it 15-2.

Brendan McDermott gets the last face off with 2 minutes left.  Boys keep possession until the end with some nice dodging by Chad Bell, MarcusHolzberg, Dave Fleming and Joe Lang.   Good win for the FC boys.

Scoring:  Goals:  Lang 6, Emery 1, McDermott 1, Hahn 1, Evans 1, Bell 2, Holzberg 1, Fleming 2.  Assists:  Lang 3, McDermott 1, Hahn 1, Evans 1.

Next game at 2 pm our time.

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