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Fog City at Champ Camp defeats Tri-State Navy, 5-3

In the off-season, the SI boys play under the nom de Guerre Fog City. They're at Champ Camp this week and Ed McGovern has graciously agreed to have the NorCal Lacrosse Blog publish his write-ups. Here we go:

Game 1 Fog City vs. Tri-State Navy
Game 1 Report:

Good start for Fog City.  Played Tri-State Navy and won 5-3.  Threat of rain and lightening forced some game delays and shortened games.  FC got up early and then coasted to victory.

Played the first game on the historic Homewood Field of Johns Hopkins University.  The rain delay actually cooled off the evening.  Boys looked good and ready, chirping as they took the field.  Games are 18 minute halves due to the delay.

Cyrus Scott starts in goal.  Jack McGovern, Riley Burke and Cole Steigerwald at long poll.  Marcus Holzberg, Joe Lang and Dave Fleming at attack.  Cullen Vincelette starts at FOGO and the ball gets loose back to the defense end where Riley Burke grabs the ground ball and clears.   FC takes over on offense.

Dave Fleming gets off the first shot but it goes just wide.  Tri-State take over but tough transition D by our attack and FC gets the ball back.

Matt 'the Truth" Emery from the top of the box drives to the goalie's left, and after a great screen by Brendan McDermott, fires a low bottom right corner shot for the first score of the game.  1-0 FC.

Brendan McDermott takes the next face and he and Ryan Pidgeon at LSM grab the face off.  But FC turns it over on offense.  

Charlie Ford at LSM forces a turnover for FC and clears to the offensive end.  Joe Lang gets the ball of the left wing and dodges three defenders as he cuts in front of the goal and buries the top corner shot over the goalie.  2-0 FC.

Cullen Vincelette again at FOGO and Ryan Pidgeon grabs the loose ball and clears.  Marcus Holzberg gets off a nice bounce shot in front of the goal but it just bounces off the top post and Tri-State takes over.

Tri-state finally works the ball around and gets off a shot that slips past Cyrus Scott for a score.  2-1 FC.

Tri-state gets the next face off, but tough double team D by Riley Burke and Brendan McDermott forces a turnover.  Charlie Ford clears.  Matt Emery has a shot go just wide and Tri-state takes over.

Cyrus Scott stops a tough shot on the next possession and clears.  Marcus Holzberg is able to get off a nice shot, but the goalie makes a tough save and Tri-state takes possession.  But Joe Lang forces a turnover on the transition.  Lang finds Spencer Evans in front of the net but his shot is knocked wide at the last second by a Tri-state long poll.  Possession back to Tri-State.

Cyrus Scott again stops a tough shot and Moore Harris is able to clear.  Cullen Vincelette takes the ball from the top of the box, drives right and burriesa nice bounce shot past the goalie to push the lead to 3-1.

Brendan McDermott is on the face off and for a good 10 seconds, McDermott is locked in a struggle for the possession.  Finally he is able to pull the ball behind him to Matt Emery and FC takes possession.

On the FC possession, the ball gets loose but Dave Fleming is there to force the Tri-state turnover and keep possession for FC.  Chad Bell gets the ball at the top of the box, cuts past another nice screen by Brendan McDermott, and also finds the net on a low right corner bounce shot and score.  4-1FC.

Cullen Vincelette pulls the face off to Chad Bell and FC is able to get off a couple of shots before half.  Spencer Evans has his shot go wide, and then a nice pass by Brendan Hahn to Joe Lang in front is a good chance, but FC can't score and half ends.  4-1 FC

2nd Half

Billy Sullivan starts the second half in goal.

August Peters, Riley Burke and Lorenzo Iacomini at long poll D.  Brendan Hahn, Joe Lang and Dave Fleming at attack.

Brendan McDermott is at FOGO to start but SI is called for a penalty and have to play man down.  Tri-state gets off a shot but Billy Sullivan is stout in goal and knocks the ball wide.  Tri-state gets off on more shot during their man up but can't score.  Nice FC D.

Even though penalty killed, Tri-state still has possession. August Peters is able to force a turnover and clear, but FC can't keep possession and ball goes back to Tri-state.

This time Riley Burke and August Peters team up to force the turnover.  But again FC can't keep possession.  Matt Emery and Ryan Pidgeon team up this time for a nice double team and Billy Sullivan is able to grab the weak shot.  Riley Burke clears.

Matt Emery again takes the ball from the top, drives to his right and rockers a shot into the top corner of the net to make it 5-1 FC.  That shot gotooohs and aaaahs from the crowd.  

FC is called for another penalty and have to play man down again.  Riley Burke, Charlie Ford, August Peters and Cole Steigerwald on long polls and Cullen Vincelette at D middie play tight D.  Tri-state can't score on their man up again.  Back to full strength.

This time Charlie Ford takes matters into his own hands.  He uses his signature over the head strip check and not only knocks the ball loose, but knocks the stick out of the player's hands.  Ford grabs the loose ball and clears for FC.  

This time, FC is called for 2 penalties and have to play with 2 men down now.  Ryan Pidgeon, Jack McGovern, Riley Burke and Cole Steigerwald are up to the task and won't allow any goals.  Tri-state gets off a couple of shots, but Billy Sullivan is able to grab the last and FC clears.

But FC turns it over again and even after another great save by Billy Sullivan, Tri-state does get loose and finally scores to make it 5-2.

Tri-state gets the face off and are clearly playing better than the first half.  Danny Casey makes a nice play on D to force a loose ball, but Tri-state gets loose and are able to score to make it 5-3.

Again, Tri-state gets the face off and gets off a shot.  But the ball is knocked away by Billy Sullivan.  Jack McGovern is able to get the tough ground ball and clears to Cullen Vincelette.  With less than a minute left, FC holds the ball in the Tri-state box with Cullen Vincelette and Brendan Hahn handling the ball.  Horn sounds and FC wins.

Nice win.  Some rusty play - dropped balls, missed ground balls and bad passes - but generally a nice win to start.  

Coach John Eagan and JHU current player and our assistant coach - Wells Stanwick - make good use of all the boys.

Scoring:  Matt Emery 2, Joe Lang 1, Cullen Vincelette 1, Chad Bell 1.

Boys play again at 9 Am tomorrow.  3 games.  More tomorrow.

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