Friday, July 20, 2012

Champ Camp Game 5: Fog City 8 - TriState Black 3

Tri-State Black is one of the East Coast's legendary recruiting teams. Here's the game report from Ed McGovern:

If last night was great, this win was even better.  Fog City wins 8-3 against All-Star team TriState Black mostly from New Jersey.  Dominating team win.  Defense was absolutely outstanding and awesome goalie play.  TriState Black won Champ Camp last year which was their 5th Champ Camp win and is tied for most all time (research courtesy of Don Sullivan).
Game:  8:30 time.  Thought we were in San Francisco with fog and overcast skies.  Cool temperatures.  Played on turf field of St. Paul's school - terrific facilities.
Cyrus Scott starts in goal.  Marcus Holzberg, Dave Fleming and Joe Lang on attack.  Riley Burke, Jack McGovern and Cole Steigerwald at long poll D.  LSM Charlie Ford with Cullen Vincelette at face off and Spencer Evans at middie.  Black wins face off (and would go on to win nearly 90% of face offs) and they get to goal quickly, but terrific team D prevents fast break goal.   Charlie Ford makes a nice stick check to force a shot high. Riley Burke called for slash (looked very questionable) and FC goes man down right away.
Jack McGovern steps up on man down and forces a turnover, grabs the ground ball and clears to Cole Steigerwald who clears to Cullen Vincelette at midfield.  Quick passing from Cullen Vincelette to Matt Emery who finds Marcus Holzberg in front of the net.  Holzberg buries the shot and FC goes up 1-0.
Black gets the next face off, but Jack McGovern is all over the field and forces another turnover and clears.  Joe Lang gets loose for a shot but it's stopped by the goalie and ball is back to Black.
Again, stellar D - Chad Bell knocks one shot wide and Cyrus Scott hustles to the back line to get possession for FC.  Brendan McDermott clears to the offensive end.
Matt "the truth" Emery gets loose at the top of the box for a rocket shot to push the lead to 2-0.
Black wins next face but Cullen Vincelette won't give up and back checks the Black middie to force a loose ball.  Spencer Evans grabs the loose ball and clears to the offensive end.  Moore Harris drives from the top and gets off a nice shot, but goalie stops it.  Dave Fleming on transition D forces a turnover by knocking the stick out of the Black player's hand and FC takes back possession.  But we can't score and ball goes back to Black.
Black is a very patient team, and often tried to isolate a short stick on our short stick with a one on one situation, but our D rose to the occasion - sliding and helping so they could never get off a clear shot.  Cyrus Scott makes a nice save after two shots and Riley Burke clears to Spencer Evans.
But Black gets the ball back and their patient offense finally gets loose for a score.  2-1 FC.
Black again wins the face off but Cole Steigerwald forces a turnover and grabs the ground ball.  He clears to Spencer Evans in the middle of the field who drives through the defense and buries a shot with defenders draped all over him.  3-1 FC.
Cullen Vincelette wins a tough contested ground ball on the next face off and FC controls.  But FC can't score and ball goes back to Black.  Danny Casey on D makes a terrific play to force a loose ball and grabs the ground ball.  FC clears.
Black holds the ball for long time but great team D by Fog City and Black can't score.  Finally, Cole Steigerwald is able to grab a loose ground ball and clears to Riley Burke who takes it across midfield. 
FC sets up and works the ball around to Joe Lang on the left wing and Silky gets into the act with a great swim move past his defender and bounce shot top corner to push the lead to 4-1. 
Riley Burke forces a turnover after Black gets the face off and clears but Black takes back possession.  Moore Harris makes a nice back check to prevent a last second shot by Black.  FC takes possession and holds the ball until halftime.  FC leads 4-1
2nd Half
Cyrus Scott starts in goal.
Riley Burke, Jack McGovern and Cole Steigerwald start at D for 2nd half.  Brenden Hahn, Marcus Holzberg and Joe Lang start at attack. Cullen Vincelette, Spencer Evans and Charlie Ford on face off line.
Cullen Vincelette wins the face off.  Joe Lang hits Matt Emery cutting towards goal but his shot is just high.  Joe Lang gets off a shot that is stopped and ball back to Black.
Charlie Ford plays tough, tight D and forces a shot high.  Black again shows their patience and it works after a long possession.  Black scores 4-2 FC.
Black wins the next face off but Cyrus Scott makes another great save but Black keeps possession.  Brendan McDermott plays nice D and checks the player causing a loose ball.  Riley Burke clears to Chad Bell at midfield but errant pass gets loose.  Marcus Holzberg nice hustle to keep possession for FC and passes to Moore Harris at the top of the box.
Moore Harris uses his size and speed from the top to split dodge two defenders, dodging another, and fires a shot into the top corner of the net.  Great effort and goal.  5-2 FC.
Cullen Vincelette gets the face off and finds Joe Lang on the left wing.  Silky Lang swims right past his defender and buries the shot to push the lead to 6-2.
Black is called for a penalty on the face off but FC can't get a score.  Ball back to Black.
Cullen Vincelette makes a great play on D to force a turnover but ball goes back to Black.  They work the ball around again and finally get an open shot and score. 6-3 FC.
Black wins the next face off but again tough D.  Chad Bell grabs a loose ball - both teams fighting hard for ground balls, but Black takes back possession.  FC plays D a long time and is helped by great goalie play by Cyrus Scott with another terrific save.  Black is finally called for a penalty and ball back to FC with a man up.  But again we can't score.
Black takes over again and Cyrus Scott makes another amazing save on a man down situation.  Defense causes a turnover and nice long poll passing from Riley Burke to Cole Steigerwald to Jack McGovern clears to Matt Emery.  Time left on the clock is about 4:30.
FC clears to our offensive end and Coach Eagan calls necessary time out.  On the restart, Matt Emery is double teamed on the wing and split dodges two defenders, dodges another and buries the shot into the top corner.  7-3 FC.
Black gets the next face off, but Cullen Vincelette makes a nice play with a back check on a stick and clears the loose ball.  Joe Lang gets the ball behind the net on the wing and as Black is double teaming the ball, Matt Emery gets clear in front for another goal.  8-3 FC.
Less then 2 minutes left now, and Black gets the face off.  But D is absolutely stifling and Cole Steigerwald and Jack McGovern force a turnover on a shot that finds the net but crease violation on Black and possession back to FC.  Game ends and boys are thrilled.
Really, really great team win.  Our HS team beats one of the premier All Star teams from the East Coast. A dominating win.  Lots of open mouths by the Black parents.
Now we are into the sweet 16 against the Dukes at 1 pm today. 
Scoring:  Goals: Marcus Holzberg 1, Matt Emery 3, Spencer Evans 1, Moore Harris 1, Joe Lang 2.  Assists:  Matt Emery 1.

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