Friday, July 20, 2012

Fog City at Champ Camp: Whips Ridgewood1 8-4

From Ed McGovern:

Phenomenal team win for Fog City.  Two undefeated teams met tonight after a 2 hour rain delay and played under the lights on Hopkins field.   Fog City vs. Ridgewood1 of New Jersey and Fog City comes away with convincing win 8-4.  Because of the delay, the games were shortened to 35 minutes, so about 17 minutes a half.  Game temperature cool after the rain - and it was no little rain shower before the game folks  - torrential.

The beginning is somewhat abridged as I got there late.

Cyrus Scott starts in goal and plays the entire game.

By the time I arrived, Ridgewood (Blue) just scores their first goal, but Fog City is already up 2-0 by then on goals - first by Spencer Evans top shelf rocket and the second by Chad Bell.  Now 2-1 FC.

First observation - FC is fired up.  Lots of energy and drive.  Crisp passing, moving without the ball.  Whatever Coach Eagan gave them before the game we need to bottle.

Next possession, FC gains control.  Marcus Holzberg breaks loose from the right wing and bounces a terrific shot low and past the goalie to make it 3-1 FC.

Blue gets the next possession - they are a talented team.  Zipping passes and one player gets free in front for a goal.  3-2 FC.

Brendan McDermott on face but Blue gains possession.  Chad Bell makes a nice stick check on D and forces a turnover.  Ryan Pidgeon clears.  But quick shot by FCand their goalie tries to clear.  But Brenden Hahn playing tough transition D forces a turnover at midfield.  Joe Lang hits Matt Emery streaking towards the goal, but Emery's shot is just wide.  Ball back to Blue.

Spencer Evans plays great D on the transition and forces a turnover and starts a fast break.  Evans drives down the left slot pulling the D to him, he hits Brenden Hahn in front and of the goal and Hahn drills a left handed top right corner shot to push the lead back to 2.  4-2 FC.

FC gets the face off and works the ball around the cage.  Joe "Silky" Lang takes the ball from behind the cage, dodges right curls back to his left leaving the defender swinging at air and Lang's bounce shot scores to make it 5-2.  And half ends.

2nd Half

Cyrus Scott stays in goal for 2nd half.

Brendan McDermott on the face off and Spencer Evans scoops up a tough and contested ground ball.   But Blue gets back possession and is loose for a shot and score.  5-3 FC.

Blue wins the next possession, but terrific double team by Jack McGovern and Riley Burke forces the Blue player into the crease and turnover to FC.  CullenVincelette clears.  Again, crisp passing and finding the open man.

Joe "Silky" Lang on the left wing works his way past 2 defenders, dodges another defender and his bounce shot finds the net.  6-3 FC and Silky leaves a trail of frustrated defenders in his wake.

Blue wins the next face off but Riley Burke causes a turnover.  FC can't get off a shot and Blue takes possession.  But really tenacious transition D by Fog City and Blue is penalizied for a failure to advance the ball.  But FC is called for a penalty and they convert on their man up - 6-4 FC.

Fog City still with man down but the D kills the penalty.  But Blue keeps possession and one player gets loose behind the cage and heads for the goal for a shot.  But Jack McGovern comes across the crease and flattens the Blue player preventing the shot.  FC clears.

FC works the ball around the box to Joe Lang on the wing.  Silky cuts as if he's heading to goal again, but fires a pinpoint pass to Dave Fleming cutting in front of goal.  Fleming buries the shot and FC now goes up 7-4.

Now less than 2 minutes left, and FC wins the face off.  Cullen Vincelette gets the ball to Joe Lang.  Silky holds the ball for over a minute as time is running out, passes to Dave Fleming behind the net, who passes right back to Joe Lang who decides to take the open shot as the goalie is double teaming someone and out of the net.  Now it's 8-4 and time is ticking away for Blue.

Blue wins the face off with less than a minute left, but tough, tough D by Chad Bell, Matt Emery, and the four long polls - Jack McGovern, Riley Burke, ColeSteigerwald and Charlie Ford won't even allow them a shot on goal.

Terrific game and win.  Team effort.  Really impressive and to the Ridgewood parents - stunning.

Now we are into the round of 32 with single elimination games from now on.   Still trying to figure out the opponent for tomorrow's 8:30 AM game.  Rain and thunder forecast for tomorrow so we will see if we get the game in.

Scoring:  Goals - Spencer Evans 1, Chad Bell 1, Marcus Holzberg 1, Brenden Hahn 1, Dave Fleming 1 and Joe Lang 3
Assists:  Spencer Evans 1, Joe Lang 1

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