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High School: 3D Lacrosse assesses top NorCal talent

LaxPower works with 3D Lacrosse (Jamie Munro's outfit) to produce reviews of players in numerous geographies. Recently, 3D Lacrosse wrote up players from a number of NorCal schools. Thanks to LaxPower and 3D Lacrosse, here are their reviews of 35 top NorCal players:

3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/28

3d Lacrosse specializes in superior training for individuals and teams and operates events and tournaments as well as select travel teams. The organization, founded by former Division I coach Jamie Munro, assists players and coaches using a compre­hen­sive system of lacrosse development that exposes young players to the tactics and strategies implemented at the NCAA level. 3d Lacrosse applies the "Box/Field Hybrid™ Development System," which Munro pioneered at the University of Denver.

LaxPower will carrying periodic player reports from 3d Lacrosse. Field staff attend high school games around the country and provide player evaluations and ratings. The ratings are either legit (likely a Division I scholarship player), player (likely a Division I recruit), and watch list (has the potential to be a Division I player; need to see more, needs to grow, mature, or develop to be sure-fire D1).

This report covers players on high school teams in northern California: Saint Ignatius Prep, Sacred Heart Prep, Marin Catholic, San Ramon Valley, and Bellarmine Prep.

* * * *

Saint Ignatius Prep

Head coach Chris Packard has built a juggernaut in San Francisco. Saint Ignatius Prep is loaded with upperclassmen talent. They are highly athletic and disciplined group who do not hurt themselves by making mistakes. SI plays great team defense, and even better team offense. Everyone on the field has bought into the system and everyone gets their looks as a result.

#12 Charlie Ford, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Defense/ LSM
Sub-Position: On-Ball/ Shutdown/ With-Ball
College Commitment: Georgetown
Rating: Legit

Charlie has to be on the short of best long poles in the country. He is a great athlete, who moves gracefully for a big dude. He throws strong disruptive checks, and never looks out of position whether he is playing LSM or close defense. Charlie handles the ball with confidence and rarely makes bad decisions in the clearing game. I would like to see Charlie be more aggressive with the ball in transition.

#31 Cyrus Scott, 2014
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Goalie
Sub-Position: Quick
College Commitment: Colgate
Rating: Player

The backstop of Saint Ignatius Prep' defense is junior goalie Cyrus Scott. Cyrus is quick in the goal, does a great job of matching sticks one on one, and makes the saves from distance that he should. He throws and accurate and timely outlet pass, creating transition when it's there or exercising restraint and patience when it's not. Cyrus is big time athlete and a major asset for the defense; SI uses him to shut players so they can double off the end line.

#9 Spencer Evans, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way/ Alley dodger
College Commitment: Harvard
Rating: Player

Spencer is big, fast, athlete who uses all that size and athleticism to dodge down hill and bury the ball in the net. He is a strong alley dodger, with a textbook high to low shot on the run.

#2 Joe Lang, 2014
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: Wing/ X Attackman
College-Commitment: Harvard
Rating: Legit

Joe Lang was built to destroy defenses. He is incredibly polished for a high school attackman and possesses a diverse skill set. Joe has a greasy quick change of direction, straight line speed, a laser shot with time and room, and spectacular vision. He is comfortable dodging from anywhere on the field but does most of his work from X or the left wing. Joe has no problem getting his topside move and is devastating with his side arm shot on the run. As one SI athletic trainer told me, and I witnessed for myself, "Joe scores at will."

#4 Matt Emery, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfield/ Attack
Sub-Position: Two-Way/ Alley Dodger
College Commitment: Virginia
Rating: Legit

Matt is the most impressive athlete on the field in any game, but not the most dominant lacrosse player as he seems content to just be on the field for long stretches. The result is that Matt has not come close to maximizing his potential. At other times Matt decides he wants to be a game changer. One play sticks out in my mind: Matt slid from the crease, flattened the ball carrier, picked up the groundball, raced away from the pack, and roped a shot into the top corner. It was an incredible play! Matt is a match up nightmare for any team: he has a quick first step, a big shot, and vision.

#20 Jack McGovern, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Defense
Sub-Position: Cover-Guy/ On-Ball/ With-Ball
College Commitment: Holy Cross
Rating: Legit

Jack is a fast, athletic defenseman. He is aggressive in all aspects of his game: on-ball defense, groundballs, and clearing/ transition. Jack moves his feet well and maintains topside position which allows him to throw strong disruptive checks without losing position He handles the ball and uses his speed to run by riding attackman/ middies in transition to create scoring chances for himself and team mates.

#10 Chad Bell, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way/ Wing
College Commitment: Boston University
Rating: Player

Chad is a shooter. Whether it is on the run or with time and room he is capable of unloading a hard accurate shot. Chad has a lightning quick first step and the straight line speed to accelerate past defenders off his move. He moves intelligently off the ball to find space and as a result finds himself with good looks at the goal.

#19 Peter Alimam, 2015
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way/ Alley-Dodger/ Face-Off
College Commitment:
Rating: Legit

Peter might only be a sophomore but he does not take a backseat to anyone on this loaded SI team. He is an athlete who wears many hats. Peter is an effective face-off man, has a big time and room shot, and can create off the dodge for himself or others. When the opportunities are there Peter is ready to throw timely and accurate skip passes.

#14 Marcus Holzberg, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfeild/ Attack
Sub-Position: Off-Ball
College Commitment:
Rating: Watch List

Marcus is listed as an attackman but was used as a midfielder when I saw him play. He has a big shot with time and room, and likes to rip it side arm high. Marcus moves effectively off ball and sets himself to score by having his feet and body turned ready to unload when he catches the feed.

#22 Riley Burke, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Defense
Sub-Position: On-Ball Cover-Guy/ Off-Ball
College Commitment: Colby
Rating: Watch List

Riley is not big by defenseman standards. However, what he is missing in size he makes up for in speed, quickness, savvy, and stick skill. Riley moves his feet well and plays excellent position defense.

#8 Moore Harris, 2013
Saint Ignatius Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Alley Dodger/ Two-Way
College Commitment: Washington and Lee
Rating: Watch List

Harris must be a scary sight for defensive midfielders when he gets a head of steam from up top. He is a big physical presence on the lacrosse field. Harris dodges hard down the alley and creates good opportunities for himself to score. However, he needs to improve his decision making and reduce his turnovers.

* * * *

Sacred Heart Prep

The Gators are coached by two former Cavaliers, Joe Thompson and Johnny Christmas, who clearly have instilled in their team the desire and grit necessary to succeed in lacrosse. Sacred Heart Prep follows the lead of do everything midfielder Sean Mayle and plays hard-nosed scrappy lacrosse.

#7 Sean Mayle, 2014
Sacred Heart Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way / Wing/ Off-Ball/ Face Off
College Commitment: Denver
Rating: Legit

Sean is the man! There is no other way to say it. He does more for his team than any other player I saw in the Jerry Langkammerer tournament, and I would bet he does as much for his team as anyone in the country. Sean is an impressive athlete with superior speed, a quick change of direction, and a powerful frame. His skills are on par with his athleticism: right and left hands are indistinguishable from each other, he shoots hard and accurately on the run or with time and room, he is a great low angle finisher, and he faces off successfully with multiple moves. Despite his skill and athleticism, Sean's most notable asset is his relentless work ethic. The kid plays hard from whistle to whistle and never comes off the field. By the end of the game Sean's number is barely visible through the grass stains on his uniform. When the best player on a team is also the hardest working you have something special.

#1 Andrew Daschbach, 2016
Sacred Heart Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way/ Wing
Rating: Legit

Andrew is going to be a monster. He is only a freshman but is already built like a man. Andrew is a strong dodger, whether down hill from up top or working from the wing to get his topside move. After Andrew runs by his defender he can finish on the run.

#17 Noah Kawasaki, 2014
Sacred Heart Prep, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: X/ Off-Ball
College Commitment:
Rating: Watch List

Noah is a high-quality finisher both in tight and with time and room. His time and room shot is a text-book high to low shot buried in the far corner. When it comes to finishing inside Noah works hard to get angle and is not afraid to sell out and dive. He drives hard from behind, has a quick change of direction, and runs through checks. Noah is also effective with out the ball and often finds himself open with a good look at the goal.

#23 Brian White, 2014
Sacred Heart Prep, California
Position: Midfielder
Sub-Position: Wing
College Commitment
Rating: Watch List

Brian is a shifty dodger who can run by his man with ease. Once he beats his man he is ready to unload a powerful time and room shot, find the slide and split the double, or hit the open man with a feed.

#9 Frankie Hattler, 2014
Sacred Heart Prep
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: Wing
College Commitment
Rating: Watch List

Frankie is a dodger who looks to create offense for himself from behind with his strong topside move. He has a big time and room shot that he blows by goalies. When it comes to inside finishing Frankie has room for improvement; he is great at getting to the goal, not so great at burying the shot when he is there.

* * * *

Marin Catholic

Marin Catholic is an athletic lacrosse team that likes to push the ball in transition, play aggressive defense, and create offense with the team's two workhorse midfielders. I had the opportunity to watch them play several times during the Jerry Langkammerer Invitational tournament at St. Ignatius and then again against San Rafael.

#4 Chris Hill, 2014
Marin Catholic, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-way mid, Wing
College Commitment: Navy
Rating: Player

Heading into the JLI Chris was hampered by a leg injury which limited his playing time in the first two games. Despite not being full strength Chris was still productive. In the third game, when he was finally healthy, Chris showed himself to be a strong athlete. He has good speed, a quick change of direction, and a hard accurate shot on the run. Chris can run by defenders from multiple positions in the offensive zone (up top, wings, and from X) as well as catch and shoot with time and room.

#8 Nick Hallmark, 2014
Marin Catholic, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-way mid, face off
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Nick is a really athletic two-way middie. His fingerprints are all over the game; he faces off, plays stout 1 on 1 defense, clears the ball, creates offense with his dodging, and finishes plays with his shooting. Nick has a big shot with time and room but can also finish on the run or dump the ball to the open man off a dodge. Nick relishes contact and seeks it out both on offense and defense.

#7 Shane Kunst, 2015
Marin Catholic, Marin Catholic
Position: Goalie
Sub-Position: Quick
College Commitment:
Rating: Watch List

Shane is an enigma, or maybe just young. Within the course of a game Shane will make some incredibly athletic saves that show off his absurdly quick hands, then turn around and let in a softy. My theory is that there are some shots too slow for Shane. He is there and back before the ball actually arrives (like an overzealous hitter out ahead of a breaking ball). Because of Shane's athleticism and quick reaction time he makes some game changing one on one saves on the crease. As Shane matures and becomes more consistent (saves and clears) he has the potential to be a big time goalie.

#20 Sawyer Cairns, 2015
Marin Catholic, California
Position: LSM
Sub-Position: On-Ball/ Cover guy, With-ball
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Sawyer is a kid who plays a lot bigger than his measurables. He has a high lacrosse IQ that allows him to seemingly always be in the right place. Sawyer has impressive straight line speed as well as a quick change of direction that allows him to stay with change of direction moves from up top. When the ball goes to offense Sawyer is comfortable handling the ball and is proficient at creating offense in transition. On one play in the San Rafael game Sawyer picked up the groundball from the wing, carried into the box, and then proceeded to shoot off the crossbar and into the net. Sawyer has a very active stick when the ball is in the air and does an awesome job of getting a piece of anything going across the middle.

#22 Sean O'Keefe, 2016
Marin Catholic, California
Position: Midfielder
Sub-Position: Two-way mid
Rating: Watch List

Sean made me do a double take when I checked his age on the roster. To say that Sean does not look like most freshmen would be a gross understatement. He is a big, fast, athlete with decent skill. Look for Sean to be moving off the Watch List as his skill approaches the level of his athleticism.

#25 Austin Colvin, 2014
Marin Catholic, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: Wing Player, X Attackman
College Commitment
Rating: Watch List

Austin is a slick Canadian style dodger who is loath to use his left hand. He dodges hard from X and regularly gets the topside. Austin is adept at finding clever ways to get the ball into the net including diving, one hand wrap arounds, and behind the backs. Feeding generally seems to be an afterthought for Austin. However, he had several good looks and put his teammates in positions where they could catch and finish.

#13 Paul Callahan, 2015
Marin Catholic, California
Position: Defense
Sub-Position: On-Ball/ Cover-guy
College Commitment:
Rating: Watch List

Paul is an intimidating, physical defenseman. Whether it is with his stick, or with his big frame, Paul seems hell bent on the physical destruction of whomever he is covering. Paul moves his feet well to maintain his topside position and throws solid checks onto his attackman's gloves and then leaves them there for a bottom hand lift. Paul has the size and attitude to be a solid defenseman; however, he needs to improve his lacrosse IQ, and his foot speed.

* * * *

San Ramon Valley

The Wolves played Corona Del Mar on a cold night in mid April in what turned out to be a great back and forth contest between two athletic teams led by two hot goalies. San Ramon relies heavily on its trio of studs (French, Tagliaferri, and Roberts).

#4 Austin French, 2015
San Ramon Valley, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: X/ Wing Dodger
College Commitment:
Rating: Legit

Austin is a really slick attackman. He is a shifty face up dodger with a quick change of direction who can get up field with either hand. Austin is comfortable dodging to his topside, slipping underneath, or creating for others. He uses fakes, hitches, and fake roll backs effectively in tight to create space. Austin is a relentless rider and created several turnovers in his game against Corona Del Mar. The most impressive thing about Austin is his poise under pressure. With less than two minutes left at the end of the CDM game with his team down a goal Austin drove hard and scored to tie. The next play went through Austin as well and this time after beating his man and drawing a slide he found an open midfielder who buried the game winner.

#7 Aran Roberts, 2013
San Ramon Valley, California
Position: Defense
Sub-Position: On-Ball Cover-Guy/ With-Ball
College Commitment: Princeton
Rating: Legit

Aran is a big, mean, violent defenseman. He moves his feet exceptionally well for someone his size and rarely finds himself out of position. In his game against Corona Del Mar Aran had several "yard sale" hits. He handles the ball and is aggressive pushing the ball into the offensive end helping to create scoring opportunities for his team's attackmen by forcing slides.

#23 Peter Tagliaferri, 2014
San Ramon Valley, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Face-Off/ Two-Way
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Peter is a powerful, fast, athletic playmaker who leaves his mark all over the game. He faces off, plays awesome defense, clears the ball, and scores goals. Peter has a powerful, accurate shot on the run or with time and room. He is dangerous as a wing dodger or coming down hill into the alley and has the ability to split double teams. Peter also leads his team with huge physically destructive hits.

#8 Cameron Bowlby, 2013
San Ramon Valley, California
Position: Goalie
Sub-Position: Quick and Reflexive
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Cameron made the play of the game against CDM. He stuffed an attackman on the crease on a save he had no business making, threw an outlet pass that led to a fast break that the Wolves were able to finish. This was not the only play Cameron made; it just happened to be the most important play in the game and changed momentum when it looked as though CDM was going to be able to finish San Ramon off in the third quarter. For the game he had 14 saves! Cameron is an athletic goalie who sees the ball well.

#10 Nick Garlieb, 2013
San Ramon Valley, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Off-Ball Catch and Shoot
College Commitment: Northern Colorado
Rating: Watch List

Nick is catch and shoot guy! He moves intelligently off ball and finishes at a high rate both on the move or with his feet set. Nick has top end speed and uses it to be an asset for Wolves in transition. Although Nick does not manufacture many looks for himself his movement and accurate shooting allowed him to end the night against CDM with three goals and an assist.

* * * *

Bellarmine Prep

The Bells are a highly athletic team with impressive over all team speed. Head Coach Joe Romano does an awesome of getting his boys to maximize their athletic potential by playing an aggressive, up-tempo style.

#28 Larry Zhou, 2013
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Goalie
Sub-Position: Quick Reflex
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Larry reminds me of former Johns Hopkins goalie Brian Carcaterra; he is an awesome athlete who makes ridiculously athletic saves and then jumps out of the crease to try and clear the ball himself. Larry is lively in net, rarely making a save without both feet leaving the ground or his body sprawling across the goal line. Because of his quick reflexes Larry is tough to beat high and even tougher low.

#15 Alex Abiog, 2013
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way
College Commitment: Manhattan
Rating: Player

Alex is a big, fast, North-South dodger. He uses a change of direction move to get a step and then lets his speed takeover to get him time to unload his powerful shot. Defenders would be well advised to not allow him the space and time to set his feet as he has a devastating time and room shot. And any ball carrier would be smart to keep his head up as Alex is not afraid to deliver bone jarring hits.

#29 Conor Towne, 2013
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Off-Ball/ Catch and Shoot
College Commitment: Stephen's
Rating: Watch List

Some guys just have a nose for the goal; Conor is one them. He is capable of creating his own shot using alley dodges but does most of his damage in catch and shoot situations. Conor sees the ball in traffic, has soft hands, and an accurate shot.

#2 Joe Rodrigues, 2014
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: X Attackman
College Commitment: Fairfield
Rating: Player

Joe is a tall, athletic attackman who can dodge both from X and from up top when the game dictates. He has a quick change of direction and uses his big frame to lean on defensemen to get topside. Joe can score from distance as well as finish inside. My favorite play that Joe made in any of the games in which I saw him play was a slick no look feed that resulted in a lay up on the backside.

#20 Tyler Mackin, 2015
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Attack
Sub-Position: Wing Dodger
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Tyler is a hard driving face up dodger who punishes defenders with his quickness in space. He has no problem getting topside using his greasy change of direction moves. Once inside Tyler is an adept finisher with good poise and patients.

#8 Chase Bunce, 2015
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Defense
Sub-Position: LSM/ On-Ball Cover Guy
College Commitment:
Rating: Legit

Chase is an impressive defenseman with top end speed and athleticism. On the ball he has quick feet and an active stick. For the most part, Chase plays intelligent position defense but sometimes takes chances relying on his athleticism to cover up for any mistakes. He can handle the ball and is dynamic on groundballs. Against Redwood, Chase lined up opposite a highly talented player in Brown bound attackman Pat Tracy and clearly won the match up.

#11 Henry Armistead, 2014
Bellarmine Prep, California
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Two-Way
College Commitment:
Rating: Player

Henry is fast, athletic midfielder with an explosive first step. He is a proficient dodger from up top or from the wing. Henry uses his speed to great affect in the transition game and helps create easy scoring chances for his teammates. He can also score himself and is a strong finisher on the run.

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High School: NCJLA Varsity All-League team

Northern California is lucky that the NCJLA sponsors a Lacrosse league for guys whose local schools do not offer Varsity Lacrosse. The level of lacrosse is pretty solid, too. NCAA coaches have recruited a number of guys on NCJLA Varsity rosters. So, who are the big guns of NCJLA Varsity?

Here is the NCJLA Varsity All-League team for 2013:

2013 NCJLA All-League Team
Position Player Team Grade
A Austin Shore Oakland Tech 12
A Luke Durkin Casa Grande 12
A Jack Houseworth Orangevale 11
A Luke Agnes Gold Country 12
M Eric Hunsicker Petaluma 12
M Troy Loper South Valley 10
M Nathan Whitfield Folsom 11
M Cody Hughson Casa Grande 11
M Joe Reid Casa Grande 11
M Logan LeVier Red Bluff 11
FO Billy Huss Elk Grove 12
LSM Brandon Hong Woodcreek 12
D Matt Blumenthal Santa Rosa 12
D Augie Bundeson Petaluma 12
D Sutter Choiser Woodcreek 12
D Ian Nuzum South Valley 12
G Harley Whitman Elk Grove 12 

Thanks to an anonymous reader for bringing this to may attention!

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High School: 2013 MCAL All League teams

2013 All-MCAL Lacrosse Team
Boy's Team
Girl's Team
Player of the Year
Player of the Year
Max McKone (Sr.)NovatoJill Weidner (So.)Novato
First Team
First Team
Patrick Tracy (Jr.)ARedwoodMarigrace Scrivanich (Sr.)ACardinal Newman
Austin Colvin (Jr.)AMarin CatholicK.C. Hill (Sr.)AMarin Catholic
Kevin Leake (Jr.)ATamalpaisCarly Peterson (Sr.)ADrake
Briton Barge (Sr.)MRedwoodMadeline Spiess (Jr.)MMarin Catholic
Max Friend (Sr.)MRedwoodAriella Rosenthal (Jr.)MRedwood
Nick Hallmark (Jr.)MMarin CatholicMaddie Brown (Sr.)MUniversity
Danny Eggert (Jr.)LS/MNovatoTatum Figone (So.)MNovato
Liam Burke (Jr.)DRedwoodJensen Neff (Fr.)MNovato
Matt Kennis (Jr.)DRedwoodJuliana Strazulo (Jr.)DMarin Catholic
Greg Carrol (So.)DNovatoAvery Knight (So.)DNovato
Cole Aikens (Sr.)GNovatoSara Cami (Fr.)DUniversity
Kayla Beckman (Sr.)GMarin Catholic
Second Team
Second Team
Regan Kelly (Sr.)ARedwoodTory Salmon (Jr.)AMarin Catholic
JP Josi (Sr.)ARedwoodAlexandra Nicolopoulos (Jr.)ARedwood
Charlie Curtis (Jr.)ANovatoGabby Chua (Jr.)AUniversity
Chris Hill (Jr.)MMarin CatholicLizzie Stogner (Sr.)MCardinal Newman
Jasper Lyons (Sr.)MTerra LindaIzzy Doerschlag (Jr.)MDrake
Jonathan Gruber (Sr.)MCardinal NewmanEmma Dawley (Sr.)MUniversity
Sawyer Cairns (So.)LS/MMarin CatholicClaudia Torkelson (So.)MJustin-Siena
Jack Horan (So.)DMarin CatholicChristina Gee (Sr.)MLick-Wilmerding
Andy Schimmel (Sr.)DSan MarinJordan Foster (So.)DCardinal Newman
Ben Katz (Sr.)DDrakeRachel Heimann (Sr.)DUniversity
Adam Simon (So.)GTerra LindaJulia Schnoll, (Jr.)DRedwood
Audrey Evers (So.)GUniversity
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Sebastion Rodrigues (Sr.)ACardinal NewmanJenna Tooley (Fr.)ASan Marin
Quinn McKone (So.)MNovatoBridget Lowry (Jr.)MTamalpais
Evan Heenan (Sr.)MSan RafaelPayton Devore (So.)MSonoma Academy
Dash Mindel (Jr.)LS/MBransonFrances Howell (Jr.)DMarin Catholic
Juan Carlos O’Neil (So.)DNovatoClaire Zerbe (Jr.)GDrake
Shane Kunst (So.)GMarin Catholic
Max Hvlika (Sr.)GJustin-Siena

High School: 2013 Adrenaline All-American Game

It's that time of year, again. The Adrenaline All-American game will take place on June 8th at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. Both the North and South rosters are stacked with 50 of the West's best players, split into two teams. 45 players will go on to play NCAA DI lacrosse and the other 5 will play for top DII and DIII programs. The 2013 rosters include players from nine states and one province: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Nevada, and British Columbia. Everyone knows that the gear pack handed out to players in the Adrenaline All-American game is beyond belief. You can see some pix of last year's gear pack in a post I wrote last year.

This year's game will be live-streamed at 7PM on the You Tube channel of The Lacrosse Network (TLN). Last year’s game saw live attendance figures of 10000+ with online viewers at 26000, while replay numbers total 120,000 views.

Here are the rosters for the upcoming game. Click on the rosters to see the image in full size.

Congratulations to the nine NorCal guys selected to participate in this game! To read more about this event, go to:

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College: NCAA DI Championships have ONE Californian see the field

Congratulations to Duke University for winning its second NCAA DI Lacrosse Championship. As the games became more consequential, rostoers continued to shorten. In the Championship game, only one Californian saw the field. Senior Spencer Peterson, LSM from La Costa Canyon, saw action in the last two minutes. The other three Californians on Duke's roster watched from the sidelines.

I first saw Spencer play at the California Gold Invitational in the Summer of 2008. John Danowski was in attendance and made Spencer an offer. Moreover, he told Coach Peter Worstell that he, or someone from Duke would attend California Gold for at least the next ten years. This is how we start. I was happy to see Spencer see the field, but had hoped that, with a 16-9 lead and 2 minutes to play, other Californians would see the field. It was not to be....

If you look at the Box Score, you will not see Spencer's name. Nonetheless, he did play. Yet another reason not to take the Box Score as Gospel!

Congratulations to the Blue Devils and to the California guys who'll get winners medals. Happy for them!                  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

High School: West Catholic Athletic League – All League

2013 WCAL Lacrosse All League Teams

Player of the Year – Joe Lang – Attack - Junior – Saint Ignatius 

First Team
Name                                                   School
Matt Emery                                         Saint Ignatius                 Senior Midfielder
 Jack McGovern                                   Saint Ignatius                 Senior Defender
Charlie Ford                                        Saint Ignatius                 Senior LSM/Defender
Cyrus Scott                                          
Saint Ignatius                 Junior Goalie
Chad Bell                                            
Saint Ignatius                  Senior Midfielder
Spencer Evans                                     
Saint Ignatius                  Senior Midfielder
Riley Burke                                         
Saint Ignatius                  Senior Defender
Dave Fleming                                      
Saint Ignatius                  Senior Attack                                 
Joe Rodrigues                                      Bellarmine                      Junior Attack
Connor Towne                                     Bellarmine                     Senior Midfielder
Lawrence Zhou                                   Bellarmine                      Senior Goalie
Chase Bunce                                        
Bellarmine                     Sophomore Defender
Alex Abiog                                        
Bellarmine                      Senior Attack
Matt McGloin                                      
Junipero Serra                 Senior Attack
Colin Richards                                     
Saint Francis                   Senior Midfielde
Jake Kidwell                                        
Saint Francis                   Senior Midfielder
Joseph Clevenger                                
Saint Francis                   Junior Defender
Milo “Sedge” Gates Jr.                        
Sacred Heart Cathedral     Senior Attack 
Colin Francheschini                              Sacred Heart Cathedral    Senior Midfielder
Matthew Raasch                                   Archbishop Mitty            Senior Attack

 For second team and Honorable mentions, read the entire list at:
West Catholic Athletic League - All League

Congratulations to all the guys who made WCAL Lacrosse All-League, and a special shout out to Joe Lang, the WCAL Player of the Year!


College: The Lacrosse Pipeline to Wall Street

The pipeline from NCAA Lacrosse to Wall Street is widely suspected, but not often documented. Here are two articles that document the strength of the connection – and reasons for the connection – between these two, highly competitive, activities:

Here are two quotes from the Bloomberg article:

• Before Dom Starsia talks about national titles, he unfolds a two-foot-wide spreadsheet that gives University of Virginia recruits a look at life after lacrosse. VLAN, or the Virginia Lacrosse Alumni Network, is a 300-person database of former male and female players who work in finance and other fields and are willing to help cub Cavaliers get there, too. “Banker, equity guy, trader, analyst -- I don’t even know what those jobs are,” says Starsia, whose teams have produced four national championships and 13 Final Fours over his 21 seasons in Charlottesville. “But I do know it’s an impressive list.” 

• Appelt, 44, a 1991 Virginia graduate, said he wants to bolster his business by helping athletes whose package of time management, competitiveness and ability to cope with failure make them ideal candidates for success in the financial-services industry.

Similar Lacrosse Networks are in place at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Duke and a number of other strong academic schools. 

The story via examples:
Bloomberg News article

And here's one from academia, citing cultural similarity between recruiter and candidate as the reason for the pipeline. Minor familiarity with statistics is helpful for this article.

Hiring as Cultural Matching

High School: US Lacrosse voting completed for at least one section

Three different sections of NorCal have Coaches voting for HS All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, and Coach of the year. At least one of these sections has completed its voting for 2013 AAs.

I inquired of a NorCal Chapter of  US Lacrosse Director as to when the final meeting would take place. My contact believed the meeting would take place this coming Thursday, May 30th. If history is any guide, the press release naming its honorees from the NorCal Chapter will come soon thereafter.

College: NCAA DI Semi-Finals – California participants

Participation by California players in the Semi-Final round of the NCAA DI tournament continues to shrink, as fewer teams participate and coaches continue to shorten their game rosters as games become ever more consequential. of the 4 semi-finalists, Syracuse has no Californians Cornell has two Californians, Duke has four Californians and Denver has six Californians. Of the twelve Californians in the DI semi-finals, only two saw the field.

One of my favorite players, Cornell's Connor Hunt of De La Salle, saw the field for the Big Red. No statistical events, but this is a Cornell team that has sixteen Seniors. Playing opportunities for Underclassmen are scarce, but Connor made the cut. Congrats to Connor, his family, and De La Salle!

Denver's Eric Adamson was the other Californian who saw the field. The Soph from Foothill - Santa Ana continues to be a contributor for the Pioneers, having two goals and a GB in Denver's narrow loss to Syracuse.

We are now down to Four Californians who will compete for the National Title. All four are on Duke's roster: Ben Krebs of Foothill, Dax and Chad Cohan from St. Ignatius, and Spencer Peterson from La Costa Canyon are the last four Californians standing. I'll be rooting for Duke!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

College: The best mementoes a laxer can have

There are many mementoes by which a NorCal laxer can remember his participation in the game we all love. The Boy has medals from his participation in NCJLA Youth Championships, Jerseys from Youth Travel teams, jerseys from recruiting teams and camps, a couple of Under Armour Underclassmen All-America team jerseys, and on and on. All very nice. All of which will provide memories forever. Still, for a laxer, the following NCAA DI Tournament "player passes" are among the most prized possessions a player can have. I thought y'all might want to see them.

NCAA DI Sweet Sixteen Participant Pass

Elite Eight Participant Pass

Still, there are even more exclusive mementoes to be had. Participant passes to the Final Four will be passed out to the following NorCal players:

Connor Hunt DLS Sophomore LSM Cornell

Ben Krebs Foothill Junior Goalie Duke
Chad Cohan St. Ignatius Freshman Attack Duke
Dax Cohan St. Ignatius Junior Midfield Duke*

It is possible that either Duke or Cornell will win the NCAA DI National Championship. In addition to the trophy awarded to the winning school, each participant on the winning team is awarded a medal. This medal is the highest award made to team members on the winning team. A participant receiving this medal has, forever, the highest team award in Lacrosse. I'm hoping the medal is awarded to a/some NorCal player(s)!

Go NorCal!
*Dax was injured for most of the season, and may still be injured. He has not played this year.

College: NCAA DIII – Jack Bodine's season at Haverford

Jack Bodine

Jack Bodine, former St. Ignatius great, had a terrific Sophomore year at Haverford College. While the Fords finished 7-7.playing in the tough Centennial Conference, Jack had a magnificent year!

Here are a few stats:
• Started all 14 games
• Was second in goals, assists, and points on the team, with 21 goals and 10 assists for 31 points
• His shooting percentage was 38.2%, with 74.5% of his shots on cage
• one of his goals was a game winner for the Fords

Congrats on a great season, Jack!

High School: Congrats to Matt Emery – Named to Under Armour All-American team

Matt Emery was recently named to the Under Armour All-American South team. Congrats to this St. Ignatius Senior – and his family – for being named to participate in this prestigious, nationally televised, event. Matt will attend UVA in the Fall, joining his brother, Rob, who was also named an Under Armour All-American in his Senior year at St. Ignatius.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

College: Video clip – the most amazing defensive play I've ever seen

Jimmy Craft, a Long Stick Middie from Yale, intercepts a clearing pass from Penn State's Goalie in the opening round of the 2013 Men's NCAA DI Tournament. Not only does he dive for the ball, he catches it on the bounce, with a long stick, at full extension. Then, while completely prone, he recovers enough to make the pass to a teammate, insuring possession. The definition of "completely selling out!"


Monday, May 13, 2013

High SchooL: Boys 2013 NCS Lacrosse Brackets

Printable Brackets for the NCS Lacrosse Championships DI & D2 (click on the Bracket to get to printable form)
updated to Championship games, Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The NCS Division 1 Championships will pit two MCAL teams against each other in the Championship game. Novato defeated De La Salle in one Semi-Final, while Redwood defeated Monte Vista in the other Semi-Final. For the first time in the history of the NCS Lacrosse Championship (started in 2004), no EBAL team will participate in the finals. An EBAL team has won every NCS Championship and EBAL has provided both Finalists in every year since 2006. What a stunning performance by MCAL teams to not only have one finalist, but to shut out EBAL entirely!

Novato Hornets Lacrosse Team

Redwood Giants Laxers

The third-ever NCS Division 2 Championship pits Marin Catholic against Acalanes. This is a reprise of the first NCS Division 2 Championship, held in 2011. Last year's Division 2 Championship was another all-Marin County affair that pitted Marin Catholic against Marin Academy.

Marin Catholic Wildcats

Acalanes Dons

Hats off to the MCAL Athletic Directors, MCAL High School Coaches, Marin County Youth Coaches and players of all ages in Marin County. What a stunning – and totally dominating – demonstration of lacrosse power by this small county! 

College: California Players in the NCAA DI Tournament – Round of 16 review

Of the 29 California players on rosters of the 16 NCAA DI teams who made the tournament, here is a list of the players who saw the field in their games:

Lehigh Noah Molnar Senior M Corona Del Mar 3 GBs

Cornell Connor Hunt Sophomore LSM De La Salle 1 CTO
             Sean Doyle Frosh A Torrey Pines played

Loyola Blake Burkhardt Sophomore FO/M Corona Del Mar 6-13 FO 5GBs

Yale Michael Keasey Frosh M Corona Del Mar 1 Shot
         JW McGovern Frosh A St. Ignatius 1Shot, 1 G

Penn State Steven Bogart Junior D La Costa Canyon 3 GBs

Denver Eric Adamson Sophomore A Foothill-Santa Ana 1G 3A 2GBs
            Mike Riis Sophomore D La Costa Canyon played

Notre Dame Ryan Mix Junior A Corona Del Mar played

Here are some random factoids that I spotted:

• Of the 29 Californians in the Big Dance, 10 saw the field.

• By region of the State, 2 of 13 from NorCal saw the field, 3 of 10 from the San Diego Section played, and 5 of 6 from the Southern Section (Greater LA) played.

• By High School, Corona Del Mar had all 4 of its players in the Tournament see the field, and all those players are on teams moving on to the Elite Eight!

ยช Of the 11 Freshmen on rosters in the Round of 16, only 3 saw the field. All three of them are on teams that made the Elite Eight.

• Of the 8 teams moving on to the second round of the tournament, 6 teams have Californians on their rosters, totaling 19 players. Seven of those nineteen saw the field in the first round.

I'll update this list after the Elite Eight games are completed.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

College: DI Tournament Man-to-Man California match ups

I'd like to see man v man match ups between California guys in the NCAA DI Tournament. Just because I'd like to see those match ups doesn't mean I will. Here, I go through the first round games, trying to find head-to-head match ups between California players. We may end up with none!

First, some principles to live by:
1) In extremely consequential games, coaches shorten rosters rather than expanding them
2) In extremely consequential games, coaches are nervous about playing Underclassmen. For example, of the 11 California Freshmen who are in the Big Dance, only one has participated in more than half of his team's games.

OK, given that, let's look at the Round of Sixteen games:

#1 Syracuse v Bryant: Niko Dutra of Bryant is the only Californian in this game. He doesn't have a Syracuse counterpart to match up against. Possible head-to-head match ups: 0

#2 Notre Dame v Detroit: Four ND players from California, but Detroit has nobody from California
Possible head-to-head match ups: 0

#3 Ohio State v Towson: Neither team has any California players
Possible head-to-head California match-ups: 0

#4 Denver v Albany: Despite 6 Californians on the Pioneers' roster, Detroit has no players from California, thus there is no chance for a head-to-head match-up between California players. Possible head-to-head match ups: 0

#5 UNC v Lehigh: UNC has 1 Californian and Lehigh has 2. Nonetheless, Middie Michael Tagliaferri, of UNC, has not played at all this year due to injury. I expect he's a Redshirt and do not look for him to play in the Tournament. Therefore, although Lehigh has two good middies in FO/OMid Will McKee of SI and DMid Noah Molnar of CDM, they have no one from UNC to match up against. Possible head-to-head match-ups: 0

#6 Maryland v Cornell: This is a game between two powerhouses, each of which has California players on their teams. Maryland has Zach Fixen, a Frosh Midfielder, who has been in 4 games and has 1 GB to show for it. Cornell has Soph Connor Hunt from DLS, who has appeared in 5 games, producing 3 GBs and 1 CTO. Additionally, Frosh Attack Sean Doyle, from Torrey Pines, has seen action in 7 games and has 2 goals to show for it. Both Maryland and Cornell are "Programs" and one earns one's PT slowly in Programs! Applying Principle #1 and Principle #2, I do not expect to see any head-to-head match ups between California players in this game. POSSIBLE head-to-head California match ups: 1 between Cornell's LSM Connor Hunt and Maryland's Frosh Middie, Zach Fixen. I think it's unlikely, but I'd love to see it!

#7 Duke v Loyola MD: Duke has 3 California players, Loyola has 2. Duke's 2nd/3rd team goalie, Ben Krebs has played well this season, but both Principle #1 and Principle #2 are working against him in the Tournament. Loyola has two Californians, WIll Fredericks Sr. A from SI and Blake Burkhardt Soph FO/M from Corona Del Mar. Burkhardt takes lots of faces for the Greyhounds, and has scored a goal. This is a possible head-to-head match up! I think Ben Krebs will get PT if the score is widely unbalanced either way. I expect Burkhardt to take some faces. I rate this as POSSIBLE for a head-to-head match up.

#8 Penn State v Yale: Penn State has 4 California players and Yale has 3, totaling 7 – the largest contingent of Californians in any of the eight games in the round of 16. Penn State's John Bogert is a Junior defender who leads the team in GBs and CTOs. He has started all 16 of Penn State's games and was named All conference this year, as well as making the CAA All-Tournament team. He's a good one! JW McGovern of Yale is a Freshman who has been starting on the EMO team for the last eight games. He is a contributor on EMO, with 3 G and 3A. Still, he is vulnerable to Principle #2. Assuming he continues to start on EMO, and assuming John Bogert plays on PSUs MDD, this would likely be a match up! Mr. Bogert would, almost certainly, have primary coverage responsibility for Yale's Tewaaraton Nominee, Brandon Mangan. Still, EMO cuts, picks, screens, skip passes, and off-ball motion, in combination with MDD slides, recoveries, and rotations, would likely provide moments of coverage by Mr. Bogert on Mr. McGovern. I'd say this is most LIKELY to be the head-to-head match up between Californians. Biggest risk to my forecast is Principle #2 causing a change in Yale's EMO. Penn State's Erik Myers, Jordan LaTendresse, and Jordan Weiss have all seen the field and all have "Statistical Events," but I believe they are hostage to Principle #2 for this playoff game. For Yale, I expect Frosh O Middie Michael Keasey to see some field time, as he's been rising on the depth charts lately, and Junior Alex Moffitt, on Close D, is unlikely to see the field in this game. However, even if all of them see the field, it is unlikely that these additional players has potential head-to-head match ups with the others.

That's how I see it for the 1st round of the DI tournament. When all the results are in, I'll take a look at match ups in the 2nd round.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The best video EVER on the History of the game!

First, the downsides: 1) It's an hour long, 2) It has a little bit of Syracuse "homer" in it. That said, if you want/need to know more about the origins of the game, the history of the game, the development of the game, and even the religion of the game – then this video will reward you a hundred times over. Highly recommended for all serious fans of the game.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

College: DI Tournament, California Players – Loyola

#25 6'4" 220 ibs

WILL FREDERICKS 2012 (Junior): Saw action on attack in nine games, scoring two goals and assisting on one... Tallied his first career goal at Hobart (4/21)... Scored another and assisted on one in the NCAA First Round against Canisius (5/12)... Played in the NCAA Championship Game against Maryland (5/28).
2011 (Sophomore):Played against Bellarmine (3/5) and caused a turnover in the game.
2010 (Freshman): Made his Loyola debut as an attacker at Hobart (4/24)... Caused a Statesmen turnover in the game.
Before Loyola: Earned three varsity letters in lacrosse at St. Ignatius College Preparatory School in San Francisco... Helped the Wildcats finish second in the WSL and 17th in the nation by Inside Lacrosse... Scored 33 goals as a junior.
Personal: Will Norman Fredericks... Son of Richard and Stephanie Fredericks... Born in San Francisco... Has two older siblings, Matthew and Colleen... Loyola's first player from California.

#48 5'9" 180 lbs

BLAKE BURKHART 2012 (Freshman at Rutgers): Played in 14 games at Rutgers University as a collegiate freshman... Took 100 faceoffs, winning 54 (.540)... Picked up 18 ground balls... Won 12-of-14 faceoffs at Michigan (4/21)... Also had an assist for his first collegiate point against the Wolverines.
High School: Played his first three seasons at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, Calif., before playing his senior season at Deerfield (Mass.) Academy... Helped Deerfield to a 16-0 record in his final high school season... Earned first-team All-League and second-team All-County accolades as a standout at Corona Del Mar... Played club lacrosse with 3D LAX.

College: DI Tournament, California Players – Maryland

#29 6'0" 180 lbs
ZACH FIXEN Before Maryland: Four-year letterwinner for Coach Jimmy Borrel, who lettered for the Terps from 2005-07, at Palos Verdes High School ... helped lead the Seakings to three Bay League championships ... also a three-year letterwinner on the gridiron as a quarterback ... led Palos Verdes to back-to-back league titles as a junior and senior ... named league MVP ... team captain and offensive MVP ... member of the Starz West Coast lacrosse club, where he was coached by Terp alums Scott Hochstadt, Xander Ritz and Max Ritz.

Personal: Son of Ed and Donna Fixen ... older brother of Aubrey ... majoring in family sciences.

College: DI Tournament, California Players - Duke

#30 6'0" 170 lbs
CHAD COHAN Prep: A three-year letterwinner for Chris Packard at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory School ... rated as the No. 39 attackman by Inside Lacrosse ... tallied 82 goals and 53 assists for 135 points in his scholastic career ... had 58 goals and 89 points overall his senior season ... also picked up 42 ground balls in 2012 ... helped lead Saint Ignatius College Prep to a 21-1 record and a No. 3 West Coast ranking his final campaign ... garnered All-America honors in 2012 ... also named to the All-America Adrenaline team in 2012 ... helped guide team to the West Catholic Athletic League titles as a sophomore and senior ... voted to the all-West Coast Athletic League first team ... played for West Coast Starz select team ... a two-time member of the West Coast Starz All-Star Team in 2011 as well as the California Gold All-Star squad ... garnered all-star team recognition at both the Gait Cup Tournament and King of the Hill Tournament in 2011 ... also played for the Alcatraz Outlaws in 2011.

Personal: Son of Christopher and Angela Cohan ... brother Dax, is a junior on the Duke lacrosse team ... Born April 26, 1994 in San Francisco, Calif.

#23 6'0" 174 lbs

DAX COHAN 2012: Saw time in two games.

2011: Saw action in four games ... registered one ground ball against Presbyterian (4/11) ... also took a shot against the Blue Hose ... ACC Honor Roll selection.

Prep: A three-year letterwinner for Chris Packard at St. Ignatius Prep … helped guide St. Ignatius to a 6104 record during his three seasons on the varsity squad … earned All-West Catholic Athletic League first team recognition in 2010 … named to the honorable mention list in 2008 and 2009 … helped lead team to top spot in the WCAL championships in 2010 and runner-up in 2008 and 2009 … team ranked 17th nationally in 2008 … compiled 42 goals and 31 assists in his scholastic career as a faceoff specialist … picked up 96 career ground balls in three seasons … won a career-best 59 percent of his restarts and scored 27 goals and 21 assists as a senior … tallied nine goals and six assists and picked up 40 ground balls and won 57 percent of his faceoffs his junior season … was a part of the Alcatraz Outlaws club lacrosse team that won the 2009 King of the Hill Tournament … selected to the all-star team at the Adrenaline Challenge in 2008 and 2009 … helped Fog City Team to 2008 championship at Adrenaline Challenge … earned a spot on the West Coast Starz, an all-star team for the western region … also lettered in football for two seasons … member of the Semper Fi Club.

Personal: Son of Christopher and Angela Cohan … has one younger brother, Chad, and one younger sister, Christina… born on July 24, 1991

#34 5'11" 190 lbs.

BEN KREBS 2012: Did not see game action.

Prep: Three-year letterwinner for Bob McManus at Foothill High School ... earned All-East Bay Athletic League first team recognition in 2011 and was voted to the second team as a junior ... voted to the All-EBAL second team his junior season ... team captain from 2009-11 ... helped lead Falcons to 18-5 record as a junior ... earned the Most Valuable Player Award from the 510 Challenge ... selected as a scholar athlete all four years ... member of Alcatraz Outlaws and Norcal Braves club teams ... junior class President.

Personal: Son of John and Kathryn Krebs ... has one younger sister, Lindsey ... born on January 19, 1993

#44 5' 10" 188 lbs

 SPENCER PETERSON 2012: Saw action in three contests.

2011: Played in three contests ... registered one ground ball against Dartmouth (3/20) and a caused turnover versus Mercer (3/13).

2010: Missed the season due to injury.

Prep: A four-year letterwinner for Dallas Hartley at La Costa Canyon ... tallied 15 goals and 12 assists for 27 points during his scholastic career ... had 12 goals and 11 assists as a senior ... earned All-American and Male Athlete of the Year honors as a senior ... selected to the All-CIF first team as a junior and senior, and All-CIF second team as a sophomore ... named team MVP as a senior ... selected MVP of the defense as a sophomore, junior and senior ... named most improved as a freshman.

Personal: Son of Randy and Donna Peterson ... has a brother, Cameron ... born Feb. 14, 1991.