Friday, May 03, 2013

Youth: Report on the successes of Oakland Lacrosse Club

This report from Oakland Lacrosse Club's Kevin Kelley makes me happy. Thanks to those of you who contributed to the cause after reading my post here!

Oakland Lacrosse Supporters:
Last July we had a vision of making it possible for all youth attending Oakland public schools to be able to play the sport of lacrosse. Now, eight months later, because of your dedication and support we are well on the way to making that happen. We are just about to wrap up our spring season. Here is some important information about our youth program
  • From September to February we partnered with 7 Oakland Public Schools and exposed lacrosse to over 800 Oakland Public School students through P.E. classes and after school programs
  • This spring we had 55 6th and 7th graders participate in our comprehensive spring program   54/55 participants had never played lacrosse before88% of our students receive a scholarship to participate75% qualify for reduced lunch

    In addition to learning the basics of lacrosse, we conduct nutrition workshops and provide healthy snacks at each practice and game. We have established a mentor series, which features local leaders discussing their careers with our players. We also have our kids tour local colleges with current lacrosse players.

    Here are a few quotes from our kids:

    From our mentor series: " I learned that when you want to do something you should not let what other people say put you down. When you want to do something just do it to the best of your ability and you probably get what you want." Jeremiah Vaughn, 7th Grader

    From our nutrition workshop: " I learned energy drinks have a lot of sugar and that you can make your own healthy energy drink without spending a lot of money." Glendy Santos 7th Grader

    From the field: "I scored two goals, but I want to work on not getting so mad when a penalty is called on me."

        Jake Norman, 7th grader

     An email from one of my players asking me to change the summer schedule so he can participate:

        "Please coach is it possible to change time, because a summer to me without my new favorite sport is like me throwing away the most precious thing I love and that's lacrosse. Is there anything you can do?" Henry Guo 7th grader
    Once again thank you for your support and making it possible for kids in Oakland to be part of our program. If you want to check us out on the field here is our schedule:
    Saturday, May 4 pm @ Morton Field San Francisco
    Saturday May 11 am @ Treasure Island(TBD)
    Saturday May 4 9 am & 11 am @ Tech
    Saturday May 18th in Danville (TBD)

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