Sunday, May 26, 2013

College: NCAA DI Semi-Finals – California participants

Participation by California players in the Semi-Final round of the NCAA DI tournament continues to shrink, as fewer teams participate and coaches continue to shorten their game rosters as games become ever more consequential. of the 4 semi-finalists, Syracuse has no Californians Cornell has two Californians, Duke has four Californians and Denver has six Californians. Of the twelve Californians in the DI semi-finals, only two saw the field.

One of my favorite players, Cornell's Connor Hunt of De La Salle, saw the field for the Big Red. No statistical events, but this is a Cornell team that has sixteen Seniors. Playing opportunities for Underclassmen are scarce, but Connor made the cut. Congrats to Connor, his family, and De La Salle!

Denver's Eric Adamson was the other Californian who saw the field. The Soph from Foothill - Santa Ana continues to be a contributor for the Pioneers, having two goals and a GB in Denver's narrow loss to Syracuse.

We are now down to Four Californians who will compete for the National Title. All four are on Duke's roster: Ben Krebs of Foothill, Dax and Chad Cohan from St. Ignatius, and Spencer Peterson from La Costa Canyon are the last four Californians standing. I'll be rooting for Duke!

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