Wednesday, May 22, 2013

College: The best mementoes a laxer can have

There are many mementoes by which a NorCal laxer can remember his participation in the game we all love. The Boy has medals from his participation in NCJLA Youth Championships, Jerseys from Youth Travel teams, jerseys from recruiting teams and camps, a couple of Under Armour Underclassmen All-America team jerseys, and on and on. All very nice. All of which will provide memories forever. Still, for a laxer, the following NCAA DI Tournament "player passes" are among the most prized possessions a player can have. I thought y'all might want to see them.

NCAA DI Sweet Sixteen Participant Pass

Elite Eight Participant Pass

Still, there are even more exclusive mementoes to be had. Participant passes to the Final Four will be passed out to the following NorCal players:

Connor Hunt DLS Sophomore LSM Cornell

Ben Krebs Foothill Junior Goalie Duke
Chad Cohan St. Ignatius Freshman Attack Duke
Dax Cohan St. Ignatius Junior Midfield Duke*

It is possible that either Duke or Cornell will win the NCAA DI National Championship. In addition to the trophy awarded to the winning school, each participant on the winning team is awarded a medal. This medal is the highest award made to team members on the winning team. A participant receiving this medal has, forever, the highest team award in Lacrosse. I'm hoping the medal is awarded to a/some NorCal player(s)!

Go NorCal!
*Dax was injured for most of the season, and may still be injured. He has not played this year.

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