Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High School: NCJLA Varsity All-League team

Northern California is lucky that the NCJLA sponsors a Lacrosse league for guys whose local schools do not offer Varsity Lacrosse. The level of lacrosse is pretty solid, too. NCAA coaches have recruited a number of guys on NCJLA Varsity rosters. So, who are the big guns of NCJLA Varsity?

Here is the NCJLA Varsity All-League team for 2013:

2013 NCJLA All-League Team
Position Player Team Grade
A Austin Shore Oakland Tech 12
A Luke Durkin Casa Grande 12
A Jack Houseworth Orangevale 11
A Luke Agnes Gold Country 12
M Eric Hunsicker Petaluma 12
M Troy Loper South Valley 10
M Nathan Whitfield Folsom 11
M Cody Hughson Casa Grande 11
M Joe Reid Casa Grande 11
M Logan LeVier Red Bluff 11
FO Billy Huss Elk Grove 12
LSM Brandon Hong Woodcreek 12
D Matt Blumenthal Santa Rosa 12
D Augie Bundeson Petaluma 12
D Sutter Choiser Woodcreek 12
D Ian Nuzum South Valley 12
G Harley Whitman Elk Grove 12 

Thanks to an anonymous reader for bringing this to may attention!

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