Sunday, March 03, 2013

College: NorCal guys give MCLA DI Stanford lots of Firepower

Stanford University's MCLA DI team is currently ranked #4 in the country. They've won two games by forfeit. but of the 6 games they've actually played, they're averaging 12 points per game. Three NorCal guys are offensive stalwarts for the Cardinal. They are:

Jack Farr, former SI standout, who is averaging 2.33 GPG and 2A per game, for 4.33 Points per game

Peter Doyle, former Si standout, is averaging 3 GPG and 0.66 APG, for 3.66 Points per game

Hunter Irvin, former Berkeley standout, is averaging 1 GPG and 0.5 APG, for 1.5 Points per game

These three, in the games they've played, are scoring more than half of Stanford's average goals per game.

Way to go, guys!

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