Friday, March 15, 2013

High School: LaxPower's top NorCal teams

We're still early in the season, but some interesting anomalies are showing up in LaxPower's NorCal rankings. Here are LaxPower's top 4 NorCal Lacrosse teams. Quick! How many of them are EBAL teams?

1 St. Ignatius 99.13
2 Redwood 98.79
3 Marin Catholic 97.65
4 Jesuit-Sacramento 95.93

Not until #5 does an EBAL team appear, and even then another non-EBAL team is #6!

5 De La Salle 95.70
6 Bellarmine 95.00

At this early point in the HS season, I'm willing to bet on history and say the EBAL will rise in rankings throughout the season, but... BUT, there are some interesting things happening:

• Of the top 6 lacrosse teams, 5 are Catholic schools
• Two teams are from the WCAL, two teams are from the MCAL, with one each from EBAL and Sac Joaquin.  Are times-a-changin' or is it just early season shakeout time?

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