Monday, March 25, 2013

College: Duke defeats Georgetown 19-7 Cohan, Krebs see action

Chad Cohan

Ben Krebs

I had the pleasure of being in the stands for the Duke v Georgetown game earlier this weekend. Duke won, 19-7 and two NorCal guys saw the field. Chad Cohan, former SI standout and HS All-American played with his customary smoothness and fluidity, while Ben Krebs, the legendary Foothill goalie, continues to get PT in almost every game. Ben had a 50% save day, even though one of his two goals against came when Duke was two men down. Funnily enough, this was the second time this year that Ben allowed a two-man-down goal. I was at that game, too. Seems almost unfair to count those 6v4 goals against his solid save percentage.

As usual for Duke, Coach Danowski gets things sorted out in the early season and then the Blue Devils get better and better. I have no doubt they'll make the tournament this year.

Way to go, Ben and Chad!

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