Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rob Emery's head and stringing analyzed

When you can shoot 104 MPH, people want to know how you do it. I recently published a post from All West Lacrosse wherein Dan Nourse was the commentator on a video while Rob Emery ripped a few. You can see the video here:

Now, there's a thread on The Lacrosse Forums in which a poster claims to have one of Rob's backup sticks. The poster has photos up of the stringing and answers question about the stick from numerous inquirers. Wanna read it? Here's the link:

Can Rob really shoot it 104 MPH? Well, I've never put a radar gun on one of his shots, but I can say this: Of all the lacrosse games I've ever watched in person (maybe 1,000) and watched on television (maybe 400), I have seen only 2 players blow a hole in the net as the ball went straight on through. Rob was one of them and the game took place at the Adrenaline Challenge in San Diego. I even have a video of it which I'll try and find. If it surfaces, I'll post it here. NorCal laxers – blowing up nets since 2010!

Addendum: I found the video of Rob blowing a hole in the net: View it at:

Rob Emery – the "hole" truth!

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