Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ivy League signs first-ever TV deal for Lax with NBC

NBC and the Ivy League have reached an agreement whereby NBC will televise a good number of the Conference's Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse games. I believe the Ivy League becomes be the first DI conference to reach agreement with a national broadcasting entity for Men's lacrosse. You can read about the contract at:

NBC previously held Ivy League broadcast rights for Football and Basketball. The new contract adds a Spring sport to the agreement. It should be of interest to all Lacrosse fans that NBC elected Lacrosse to be the Spring season, not Baseball or another Spring sport. I have argued earlier that Lacrosse would be the most likely Spring sport to become a "revenue" sport. I believe the NBC contract is evidence of that view. You can read my earlier analysis at:

Congratulations to the Ivy League for reaching this deal with NBC – and congratulations to NBC for having the perspicacity to enter into a conference wide lacrosse broadcasting deal. I think we'll see more of these deals within the next few months.

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