Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rumor: SI will play Monte Vista at the Langkammerer?will

Speculation is rampant, but no official word has arrived. Will the Langkammerer schedule change? Will SI play Monte Vista at this year's Langkammerer? Inquiring minds want to know!

As pure guesswork, I can't see SI, as tournament host, giving up their games against Brophy Prep, an Arizona Jesuit school or, for that matter, giving up a game against San Clemente and its well regarded coach, Glen Miles. If something were to change, it would have to be SI's scheduled game against Marin Catholic, in my opinion. Of course, this is all opinion – I don't have any actual facts - but with Marin Catholic and Monte Vista being separated by only a point in LaxPower's computer rating service, what's the dif? Why change the schedule (if, in fact, the schedule is changing) to give up MC to play MV? It seems inscrutable to me. Anybody have any info? Send in a comment.

Addendum: LaxPower's scheduling lists now have both SI and MV showing a match between these two schools on 4/12. My guess would be that SI isn't happy about this. After all, they're the host and like all good hosts they try to give all the teams a shot at other strong teams at the event. SI forewent a game against Corona Del Mar, so that other Langkammerer participants would face a terrific Sea Kings team. They had planned to forego a match against Monte Vista so that other teams could play the Mustangs. You know, good manners and all....

I have a feeling this will be an "interesting" game.

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