Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Miramonte 18 Tamalpais 8

I drove up to Marin yesterday to take in an early season match between Miramonte and Tam High. In particular, I wanted to see Chase Hildeburn, a player I've watched for years – and coached for a few years. Chase took a year off from school to join his parents on a round-the-world tour several years ago and missed some recruiting opportunities. He'll graduate this Spring and will likely play MCLA lacrosse. I believe he could have played NCAA lacrosse, but who wants to pass  up a trip around the world!

This is supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Mats – and I guess that's right – but they have several fine players on this year's squad, including Chase, Ben Sappio and several other players whose names I don't know. The Mats were never behind in this game and looked competent throughout.

Here's a pic of Chase during the game:

Any colleges out there looking for a fast, skilled, HIgh Lax IQ guy would do well to take a look at Chase!

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