Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another highlight vid of SI v SRV

If you can't get enough - here's another highlight of the great Si v SRV game. This one's by

Can't help but comment that the best goal of the game, in my opinion, isn't included on either vid. Here's the story: Will McKee was dominant at the FO X all night and he won several draws forward. As y'all know, winning 'em forward is good - very, very good! On Will's first forward win, he scooped it up, roared down the field, passed it to the Point and JW McGovern ripped it in from 14 yards. Nice goal, but merely the set-up for the second act. Later, Will wins it forward again, scoops it up, roars down the field, passes it to the Point... but keeps running! In one of the sweetest give-and-goes in my memory, JW slams it back to Will, who is now bearing down on the goalie unimpeded. I would not have wanted to be that goalie! Will takes it on the run, loads up, and RIPS IT for a superbly coordinated goal. In those two plays – two goals, two assists. Will with the assist on the first and the goal on the second. JW with the goal on the first and the assist on the second. Basically, both goals started out with the forward win, and looked like the same play, but this SI team has many variations on the same theme. Great goal, Will, and great work at the FO X!

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