Friday, April 12, 2013

College: Yale bests Brown, 11-8. Tim Jacob and JW McGovern meet once again

JW McGovern and Tim Jacob
Two former NorCal All-Americans met on the Lacrosse field tonight in New Haven – Frosh JW McGovern repping Yale's Bulldogs and Soph Tim Jacob repping the Brown Bears. Both Yale and Brown are solid Ivy League teams, in a year when the Ivy League – top to bottom – is, arguably, the best Lacrosse conference in the country.

Both guys saw good playing time tonight, with Tim having LOTS of PT. JW had good PT, too, lots on EMO and some in 6 v 6 situations. The game was tied at least twice, lastly at eights. Brown was pumped, and Yale fans – and maybe the team – were nervous. Brown turned very aggressive, which was working fine, 'til Bruno got a bit too aggressive for the refs. Yale subsequently put in the last three goals, pulling away to win, 11-8. I REALLY enjoy watching Brown, and Tim is, clearly, an integral part of who the Bears are! JW? Well, he continues to contribute and his minutes are increasing.

Just as a recollection, these two NorCal hotshots played against each other in NCJLA (Redhawks v Lamorinda), with each other on NorCal Youth Travel teams, against each other for three years in HS –  Tim for Bellarmine College Prep and JW at St. Ignatius College Prep, with each other again for the Alcatraz Outlaws. Currently, against each other in college. One can hope they both end up back in SF and play WITH each other once again! Got my fingers crossed.

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