Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Adrenaline Challenge All-Star teams released

All-Star teams, comprised of players selected by their coaches, were released by Adrenaline. As has been the case in past years, already committed players did not participate in the All-Star games, thus giving college coaches their best opportunity to see players who were still considering colleges. Here is the 2013-2014 list of All-Stars:

and here is the list of 2015-2016 All-Stars:


Anonymous said...

These all-star teams are not based on their play from the tournament.
The coaches send in the names before hand. I see a player on the all-star roster that was not even attending the tournament.

Dilettante in Orinda said...

That is what I stated at the beginning of my post. In addition, readers should note that I also stated that NO COMMITTED PLAYERS appear on the All-Star teams. The college coaches at the Challenge are not particularly interested in seeing players who have already committed. They are interested in players who are available to be recruited. Finally, different coaches may have different criteria for selecting players for the All-Star games. Yes, it's kinda loose.