Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ben Krebs in the Duke Blue v White Scrimmage

A couple of weeks ago, Duke Men's lacrosse held its annual Blue/White Intra-squad pre-season scrimmage. I was there to check it out. Actually, I was there the weekend before, too, to see the scrimmage between USNA and Duke. So, I've seen a fair amount of the Blue Devils this pre-season and they look pretty good. Inside Lacrosse has them at #3 in the country! Maybe so, but they've got a ways to go before they are a well-oiled machine.

Well, the reason for this post is that Ben Krebs,  NorCal's excellent goalie, was in the cage for the 4th quarter of the Blue v White game. He looked like he belonged on the field with a strong DI team. Yes, he let a couple in, but he kept a bunch out as well. Remember, the guys shooting on him were among the very best players in DI. Very nice performance, Ben. Congrats on a fine initial showing!

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