Saturday, December 15, 2012

Clusters of NorCal laxers in NCAA lacrosse

In an earlier post, I posited that NCAA guys from California were finding other California guys on their rosters. But what about NorCal guys having other NorCal guys as teammates? Looking at rosters for the 2013 season, there are some rosters with multiple NorCal laxers, but not a huge number. Next year the number will grow, but what about this season? In NCAA DI, I believe Duke leads the pack, with 3 NorCal guys on the Blue Devil's roster. In NCAA DIII, my cursory search reveals Kenyon College getting the top spot, also with three NorCal guys. The action in NCAA DII is amazing, with Dominican having 10 NorCal laxers on the squad and Colorado Mesa having 6 Bay Area guys. If you're aware of NCAA Mens lacrosse teams in each Division that have more NorCal guys than what I've found, please leave a comment and a link to the 2013 roster of that school.

Also, I have a quiz for readers. The NorCal guys on the rosters of Duke and Kenyon have several AMAZING similarities! Can you name at least three things the NorCal guys at Duke have in common with the NorCal guys at Kenyon? Leave your name on your post if you'd like a little publicity as a Wizard of NorCal lacrosse! If you just like being first with the correct answer, but want to remain anonymous, that's fine, too.
Update on 12/22/2012

OK, it's been a week since I posted my quiz, and no one has answered correctly. So, I'll respond to my own quiz!

The AMAZING similarities between the 3 NorCal guys on the Duke roster and the 3 NorCal guys on the Kenyon roster are:
• Each team has a pair of NorCal brothers
• All 4 of those brothers went to St. Ignatius
• Each team has a NorCal goalie on the roster
• Both of those goalies attended Foothill High School
• Each team has one player who was named a US Lacrosse High School All-American

Now, can you name all the players?

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