Saturday, November 19, 2011

Patrick Shevelson to Kenyon

One of my favorite players, Patrick Shevelson, has commited to Kenyon College. Looks like he'll be joining Phil Alimam of Saint Ignatius as the twosome from NorCal who'll be attending this very strong academic institution in the Fall of 2012.

The best single-game performance I've ever seen in the cage was one of Patrick's. He played on the NorCal U15 team at Vail (when NorCal's top Youth teams ALWAYS went to Vail). Athletic, acrobatic, outrageous standing on his head good! Memories of that performance will stay with me forever. He's certainly had a number of fine games at Foothill and I'm sure he'll have many at Kenyon, but I can't imagine him ever topping that game in Vail in the summer of 2008! Congratulations, Patrick!

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Thom Jacob said...

Dear Mr. Dilettante I. O.

Looking forward to some more posts from you!

I presume you may be attending some high school lax contests this season, and hopefully you can share some of your thoughts.

Good luck to the boy this year!

Tim's Dad