Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duke Lacrosse Coaches Clinics on the Web

The Dilettante has been fortunate to take in the Duke University Coaches Clinics in each of the last two years. They've been given at the Duke Lacrosse film room to local North Carolina coaches for several years now. It's a five star clinic by Coach Danowski and his excellent staff. This Fall's Clinics will be available to Coaches all around the country as the sessions will be broadcast live on the web, using the schedule below. All times are in the evening using the Eastern time zone. Full details can be found at:
Go Duke
Well worth any High School Coach's time and highly recommended!

WednesdaySept. 217-9:30 
WednesdayOct. 197-9:30
WednesdayNov. 167-9:30
WednesdayDec. 147-9:30
WednesdayJan. 187-9:30