Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fog City at Champ Camp I

The hottest camp of the year is underway. Temps in Baltimore were 103 degrees this afternoon and are forecast to reach 106 tomorrow. The humidity is obviously lower than the temperature – but not by much!

Fog City - the nom de guerre for Saint Ignatius during the off-season– demolished 1763 Lacrosse from Michigan, 17-3. Cyrus Scott kept all but one out of the cage and Cole Priest, who played a little more than a half, allowed only two to pass the plane. Nice work, guys!

Will McKee continued his dominance of the face-off X, utterly disheartening his 1763 opponent. John Meany looked good on his draws as well.

The D was nicely coordinated most of the game, sliding well, stripping the ball many times and getting well over 50% of the GBs. Nice work, boys! Apparently this tournament produces playoff seedings based on goal differential, so holding 1763 to only three is helpful – very helpful.

The offense looked pretty good, but some of the finer points of the game went unfulfilled. Several cuts went unfed, several "one mores" didn't occur, and players weren't always finding the seams that allow the skip pass to take place. Still, there were some very nice feeds and a few great skip passes that almost resulted in goals. Generally, nicely played by the offense, but they'll have to be crisper to get that traditional Fog City offense humming. Joe Lang was the big finisher tonight with 7 goals. Chad Cohan and JW McGovern were the top feeders - each tallying 4 assists.

Overall, a nice opening W. Next up? A game at Johns Hopkins, tomorrow morning.